Eviction of the Hambach Forest begins

Veröffentlicht am Veröffentlicht in Allgemein

The eviction of the squatted hambach Forest has begun this morning. The forest which is in the Rhineland browncoal region (close to cologne) is squatted since April to stop the deforestation. RWE is cutting the trees to expand the largest open cast mine in europe where they extract brown coal.The Rhinish Brown Coal area is the largest CO2 source in europe.

Several hundred police forces are in the area and activists are locked-on in the trees and on the ground. They cut the walkways to avoid the police to enter the tree houses. The police removed an occupied tripod on the road to the squat and they have a special force for tree climbing in the forest. A few activists on the ground already got arrested and the main bridge to the forest is closed. In many cities around Germany there will be solidarity actions today. Organise other actions in your city to support the resistance against brown coal and for the hambach forest. Look out for offices of RWE or subsidary companys.

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