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We translated the Explanation about the Picture „Rooted in resistance“ in to english. You can find the Picture here: „Rooted in resistance – stories from the Rhinish mining region“

And here the Explanation pdf: explanation_EN

A few of the stories in our wimmelpicture

Dear art-lover: You stand in front of our wimmelpicture „Rooted in resistance – stories from the Rhinish mining region“
It was designed in 2018 by ausgeCO2hlt and friends and drawn by Oliver Scheibler, an artist from Cologne.
There is a lot to discover, in parts easy to interprete for those familiar with the fight against lignite, in parts perhaps with need of explanation or interpretable quite differently.

Hereby we want to offer you a very incomplete and subjective legend, without intention to spoil the fun of discovering details and meanings that we have not yet realized…

For example, we (and also the artist) have been pointed out, that when the upper part of the horse’s face is covered, the nostrils, the mouth and the branch below can turn into a beautiful, mischievously smiling alien…

We are happy that our wimmelpicture is finally finished and we hope that it inspires many people and creates energy for the fight for climate justice.

Yours, ausgeCO2hlt, 2018

This legend roughly divides the image from top to bottom into four stripes, each stripe is described from left to right, bold typed objects are shown in the picture.


Bee: stands for the beehive collective in the US who painted the „true cost of coal“ banner (= T.C.O.C.) about the resistance to coal mining in the Appalachians. Our wimmelpicture is very much inspired by the tcoc banner.

Beach, Sun, Palm Trees: Sea levels are rising, the „Summer of the Century“ 2018, (sub-) tropical plant species are expanding to the north while others are disappearing.

The ship Aquarius is one of the rescue-boats in the Mediterranean; Climate change is an increasingly frequent cause of flight.

The hill at the open pit mine is synonymous with the artificial „Sofienhöhe“ and the palm trees for the artificially „re-natured“ forest.

Ski hall in Neuss: absurd, fun sports hall for indoor skiing on artificial snow all year round (extremly energy-consuming).

Thunderstorms: Extreme weather events are becoming more frequent and more intense.

Ancient city-wall stands for a village in the Rhineland that managed to resist the devastation and is now located at the edge of the pit.

Migratory birds: Changing their habits due to climate change, travel new routes to new destinations and in different seasons.

Leaning trees: The permafrost soils are thawing and in some regions the soil becomes so soft that trees lose their grip. They also stand for the tipping points that can lead to a „self-accelerating climate change“.

Aktivists (eg ants) disturb the RWE shareholder meeting: Comicstyle-animals and dinosaurs symbolize the bosses with the chimneys of their power plants, closely linked with politics (federal german and NRW state parliament) and financial industry, protected by justice (umbrella with paragraphs) and Police.

Second strip:

woodpecker: Symbol animal of the Hambacher forest, endangered.

motorway, MehrMehrMehr! (=MoreMoreMore): economic ideology of growth.

Sloth: Frequent animal in the picture, caricaturating the cliché of lazy activists.

houses drawn in simple lines: Symbolizing the artificially created new villages for those displaced by the pits.
fields: RWE buys all available land in the region, not only (by force) in the open pit areas but also far beyond and leases the land to peasants. Agriculture in the Region is extremely dependent on RWE.

Leaves with forestfruits in their arms: Standing for the tree species of the Hambacher Wald.

Raptor attacking a drone: Nature fighting back (here against surveillance) … but also vice versa: The movement also uses drones for the documetatuon of actions, and there are police projects to train birds of prey against drones.
Immerath as a ghost village in the pit, as a symbol for the disappeared villages.

Mass blockade of the open pit: 2015 Ende Gelände took place in Garzweiler, 2017 in Hambach.

Spider in lock-ons on an excavator: Excavator occupations symbolizing many small group actions on coal infrastructure.

Hedgehog on motorbike inside the pit: Young people in the region subversively use the pits in their own way as cross-routes and carry out chases with the company`s security department. Also an example of local resistance.

Turnips: in several places in the picture. Symbol of the fields that disappear for the open pit, the region has the best agricultural soils of Germany, after „recultivation“ they remain less fertile.

Red line: stands for the large demonstrations and forest walks of local citizens‘ initiatives and other actors.

Queer-We-Go: The Queer-Fem-Finger in Ende Gelände 2017 stands for the intersectional links between the anti-coal fight and other social struggles, eg (queer-) feminism, anti-racism, anti-fascism, anarchism and much more.
Rails: (Almost invisible, the Queer-Fem-Finger stands on top): Mmany blockades and sabotage actions took place on the Hambachbahn or other coal-railways..

Third strip:

Rider with harp and A-in-circle instead of a face: legend of St. Arnold, who talked the king into declaring the Hambach Forest a „Bürgewald“, ie a forest not in state possession but for the people of the region. According to the legend, he negotiated as much forest area as he could ride around in one day. He prepared the ride by having 15 fresh horse ready in 15 villages.

Pumping stations dry the area so that groundwater does not penetrate into the open pit (there are hundreds of them all around the open pits (with fences not very well protected … :-)).

Climate camp with plenary and translation spider: „Spiders“ are translation tools with microphones and headphones, stand for consensus-oriented decision-making in Plena and the international character of the camps and protests in the Rhineland in general.

Fly in the middle of the picture: This fly lives in healthy stagnant waters, it disappears from the region, and with it the songbirds who mainly feed on it.

Treehouse in the Hambi with sloths (see above).

Pumpkin stands for the solidarity and support of the local inhabitants with the (supraregional) movement.

Aardvark, wild boar, domestic pig: we are all different and yet similar in our wishes and needs.

KüFa (solidarity kitchen) with support slogan for the prisoners, polar bear cooking in a bikini: Küfa members of all genders have often cooked wearing Bikinisduring summer camps → against and male privileges and domination.

Police encirclement with successfully escaping dragonfly: Happened from time to time… :-)

Inflated Police (-State): Very close to the hedgehog … :-)

Legal Team (EA) on the edge and yet part of the action, with telephone and computer: Many thanks to the Antirepression structures, which are always with us in the background !!!!!

Fourth strip:

Bear, fox and lynx as examples for animals that lived in pre-industrial times in the region and were casted out by humans.

Cross: „Jesuspoint“ in the Hambi, also a symbol of Christianization in the Middle Ages which went along with alienation from nature.

Brush and paint on the tree: Brushes were among the items that were confiscated in the „dangerous place“ Hambi

Rockers with motorbikes saying „Schnauze voll“: german mining union campaign against „Violence by climate activists“. Rabbit and platypus with leaflets for the union members. Refers to attempts to start a dialogue, (with different succes).

Treehouse Fuchur with resident and direct-action bunny on the ceiling and bechstein-bat below.

C.I.R.C.A .: Clandestine Insurgent Rebel Clowns Army in action.

Tripod: On roads iside and outside the forest, in front of factory gates, on rails and conveyor belts people climbed in and on such tripods to block te coal industry.

Mole in the tunnel: During the eviction of the first forest occupation, an activist resisted eviction in a tunnel under the ground for four days. The police had to endure continuous Tetris music from a small radio in the tunnel.

Dinosaur skull with Roman helmet under the earth: Also archaeologically interesting things are simply dredged away by the excavators and are lost forever.

Sloth liberating tree caves: RWE glues plastic foils in front of tree hollows in the Hambach forest, which serve as living space for bats and other forest animals. Tactics, because when the protected species migrate or die out in the forest, the forest loses the chance of a status as „worth coserving“. Aktivists remove plastic sheets again in painstaking detail work. Buen Vivir: concept of a good life for all instead of destructive consumption, growth and extractivism.

127 on tree: Trees are often marked and numbered before the clearcutting. The whole wimmelpicture shows 127 animals.

Masked Snail: Our movement is worldwide: Solidarity with the social-ecological struggles everywhere, eg with the Zapatistas in Chiapas, Mexico or the revolution in Rojava, Kurdistan.

Big and small mouse in contact with police: Children are part of our movement. Another interpretation: The role of police contact can also be an important task in many actions.

GeSa (= Gefangenensammelstelle, cells for police-custody): They can imprison us, but they can not imprison our resistance!

Different activists get along differently with captivity: the fish suffers the most (shortness of breath) the turtle comforts him, while the mouse (with EA-number 1312) takes care of the contact with the legal team.

Letters: Repression also through law suits. NEVER FORGET: We defend ourselves together. get in touch with the anrirepression-sructures, say nothing, sign nothing!

Bug on the phone: Also the legal team can be observed: consider what you say on the phone, in case of doubt just answer the questions by the EA.

Pills, Alcohol on GeSa: Police violence and/or imprisonment can lead to severe mental stress (addictions as an example).

The Yellow-bellied toad: Also lives in the Hambi and REALLY has heart-shaped pupils! And it really takes this attitude when it is threatened (eg kidnapped by the police).

Straw sacks protect against bladder infection and to a degree against police violence. Therefore, under constant suspicion by the state and often confiscated.

„We are not drowning, we are fighting!“ – The Pacific Climate Warriors visited the area in 2017, giving the movement a sea snail as apresent, a symbol indigenous people`s struggles against the threats of climate change.

In addition, in the overall picture:

The seasons from left to right: spring, summer and autumn are recognisable by the trees.

At the same time the deer (twice in the picture) gets older, and the caterpillar (to the right of the Arnold horse) transforms first to the cocoon (hanging on the branch next to Tripod) and then to the butterfly (over the QueerFemFinger).

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