What is a climate camp (June 2012)

The idea of climate camps was born in 2006 in the UK as a decentralized response to the increasingly unsuccessful mass direct actions at the summit hopping of the anti-globalisation movement. After the actions against the Copenhagen Summit in 2009 it became clear that such a major spectacle indeed could mobilise 100.000 people, however, they have been no more than an appeal to the rulers. The climate camp in the “Rheinland” sees itself as part of the global climate camp movement which is based on four pillars: (direct) action, sustainable coexistence, education and networking.

This year we want to build on the successful actions of our climate camp of the last year, as there was a rail blockade, small group activities, (bicycle) demonstrations and rallies. By doing this we want to enable everyone to participate in actions, regarding their own experiences and personal decisions. We are going to plan actions at the camp together but also offer the space you need to organize actions on your own.

Our climate camp wants to be as resource-efficient as possible and enable a solidary, radical, democratic coexistence. It is intended to form an alternative to an consumerist, capitalist way of life in which people occasionally live at the expense of others. The people kitchen will cook organic vegan food, we almost exclusively obtain our electricity from renewable sources such as solar and wind and our compost-toilets do not need any chemistry.

The camp should be a space for emancipatory education. This means there should not be any privileges by titles like in educational institutions such as schools or universities. Furthermore, our approach to education is not objective or value-free but aims to create a free society to enable a good life for each and everyone without separation between man and nature. Everyone can offer workshops – if announced in advance or spontaneously on location.

A climate camp is a place for networking and exchange. We do not only want to appeal to our community but to different spectra and topics: no matter whether members inside of environmental and development organisations, parties, local residents, the radical left, anarchists or trade unions. We stand in solidarity with other emancipatory struggles not only in the resistance to coal, but also the anti-nuclear movement, the anti-racism movement, anti-militarism and others.

Our climate camp is committed to ensure equality and solidarity to one another and has no space for Nazis, sexism, anti-Semitism and racism of any kind.

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