System-change-logo.frontDear Climate-movementers

for many of us, “System change not climate change” is a key message. To further strengthen this message, we developed a logo to the slogan We can use this similar to the “nuclear? No Thanks!”-sun or the “Refugees Welcome”-Logo to support the intergalaktical Climatejustice movement.

But there’s more: You and your group can help spread the word (and the logo!). You can place this logo on your homepage, flyer, bags, T-Shirts, underwear, walls, skins, … Just in case you were thinking of using the logo commercially: don’t

Centuries ago, pirates put the hourglas on their flags: So let’s honor that tradtion and capsize capitalism!System-Change-Logo-back

trainloades of love from the Rheinlandcoal – resistance

ausgeco2hlt :*

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