‘ausgeco2hlt’ stands for an immediate stop to lignite mining. We are an
open group where people with different political backgrounds can network
or become active together against climate change.
We see the protests against lignite mining as part of the numerous
engagements against fossil-nuclear capitalism and demand a conesquent
and social engergy transition in self-government.
To us this does not mean that we simply want to to replace one source of
energy with another. We are convinced that, for a real energy change to
happen, one must shake the monopolistic power structure, and that we
must change the rules of the game of an economy which is based on
endless growth and the consumption of resources. For this,
self-determined lifestyles are needed as an alternative to unnecessary
consumption. And most important of all, a broad social movement is
needed which takes climate protection to the streets by means of direct,
disobediant actions.

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