Video: “Reoccupation of Hambach forest”

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200 People are blocking coal train tracks

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Actions Days in the Rhineland Coalfield, Day II

31/08/2013 Manheim. Second Day of the Actions Days in the Rhineland Coalfield. Around 200 activists are occupying the coal train tracks which is the main way to transport coal between the open-cast coal mine “Hambach” to the big power plants which emit 100 millions tons of CO2 per year. The action is happening in solidarity with the Climate and Reclaim the Fields Camp that is taking place from August 23 to September 6 2013 in the Rhineland coalfield.

The activists went onto the tracks at around 1pm. At the time of writing (5.30pm), they are still there, surrounded by a lot of police. The fire fighters have arrived to fell trees, to make way for the police. It is expected that the occupation is going to be evicted within the next hours.

Already in the last two years, there have been blockades like this. The tracks are an extremely vulnerable point in the coal complex ca. 40km west of Cologne, which consists of three open cast lignite mines and four coal-fired power plants. Usually, waggons loaded with coal run here every 15 minutes to supply the power plants. The plants have storage capacity for only two days.

This year, there are much more people who express their legitimate protest in this way. It is people from the most varied backgrounds and regions of the world. This clearly shows: Climate change affects us all. And: A change of the existing conditions of exploitation and destruction is only possible with determined and joined grass-root actions”, says one of the activists. „The impacts of lignite burning is not a local issue – first, because of the consequences of global warming but also because of the far-reaching distribution of particle matter. Depending on the weather conditions, the particle matter of RWEs power stations can go down anywhere in Europe and can cause grave health problems.”

„Some people criticize the resistance actions against lignite mining because they are in conflict with the law. However, if the existing law protects industries which destroy the future of this planet, then the law is the problem. Not the people who violate it“. This is how one of the activists explains why she is there and why she thinks this action is legitimate.



New community garden in half-evicted village

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On Friday, August 30, activists from Reclaim the Fields started a vegetable garden in the village Manheim. The plot is on an unused public lawn in the middle of Manheim, and it is supposed to belong  to the community. Manheim is a village that is supposed to be digged away in 2020 for the extension of the open-cast coal mine. Already half of village is deserted because the the inhabitants are re-settled. The action represents the positive force of self-organized agriculture in contrast to the destruction of fossile capitalism and the open-cast coal mine.

Around 300 climate and Reclaim the Fields activists went from the camp to the village, with spades, plant pots, samba music and even a trampolin. There they started digging the vegetable beds and planted strawberries, kale and raspberries. Also, they started to build a wooden hat and made crepes for everybody. In the beginning, the police reacted nervously but then they understood that eviciting a vegetable garden didn’t make much sense.

At the same time, a pub was opened on the village square in Manheim, with home-made French Fries and drinks. A lot of villagers came to have a drink, something to eat and we had some good conversations.

Here you find a video:

Reclaim the Fields Aktion Manheim from Hambacher Forst on Vimeo.


Case dismissed – camps take place anyway!

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The administration action of climate-camp-organizers at the administrative court in cologne against the restrictions against the climate/rtf-camp by the district police got rejected. The district police had approved the legal registration of the camp, but forbade “infrastructure in terms of accommodation and food services” to be established. the district police had filed an application for rejection against our administrative action with some outrageous claims.

This is the application of the police in german:  stellungnahme130820polizei-xx . We answered with the following: Stellungnahme130820-xx (german as well)

That these conditions are now confirmed by the administrative court, is a blow against our basic right to freedom of assembly. Previously, the city of Kerpen announced that in the event of  registration as an event also high requirements would be imposed, such as professional security service, even though it had only been at Pentecost that there was a Catholic youth camp with around 200 participants in Manheim, a without such requirements. Similarly, the city of Kerpen  forbade the use of the sanitary facilities of a sports field to which the camp participants had easy access in recent years.

The sentence you can find here urteil130821-xx

Like that the climate camp should be banned by the back door, so as to avoid unpleasant critical publicity at Hambach. “We believe that RWE has put pressure on the city and police because they do not like the camp,” says Claudia Henry of the preparatory group, “but the stones that are placed in our way, just show how thick the sleaze between energy companys and local institutions is. ”

At the moment, the people that are building up the camp are put under massive pressure to take the tents down again!

But the fight against climate change and for our livelihood can’t be forbidden. The organizers of the camps will not be intimidated by administrative barriers and police harassment and will do everything so that all the camps can take place. Spread the news, stay up to date, solidarise yourself and come around.

If you hear of anything important or jut need some information please use our info-line:

Info 1: 0157 – 32 55 11 76
Info 2: 0157 – 32 55 11 75

See you on the camps!

Camp will take place – in a different form

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The police keeps people from setting up the climate camp. The camp is an official political assembly, as it was in the two years before. This year, however, the police came up with ‘changes in the assembly jurisdiction’ which are saying that assemblies are not allowed to have kitchen infrastructure or tents. Which makes it pretty difficult to have a camp at all. A court has confirmed these conditions.

The police is on the field where the camp was about to take place and keeps us from setting up infrastructure, and also forced people to pack up tents again that were already there. However, the camp will take place. We are against mining and burning coal which causes the destruction of villages, forests, fertile soil and the global climate. We will express our protest in public, no matter what. We are shocked by this violation of the right to assemble.

We know that hundreds of people are already on the way to the camp. Welcome to all of you! There will be space for you to sleep and there will be something to eat. It will be different from how we were planning it to be, but it will happen. We can improvise. We have support from the locals. We are a lot!


Non-German-speaking people welcome

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OH NO!! In 8 days the camps is about to start, and this website has not been translated yet. We are really sorry! Many of us are working night and day to make all this happen, but the translation somehow hasn’t happened.

However, there will be LOTS of international people on the camp, and some of the workshops will be held in English. There will also be a fabulous radio translation infrastructure. So everybody should be able to take part in workshops, plenaries and actions, whatever language you speak.

For more background information, look on

Here you find everything you want to know about the camp in English, French, Spanish and German.

If there is anything else you wonder about don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. (see CONTACT).




Video call for climate camp 2013

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Klimacamp2013Aufruf from Hambacher Forst on Vimeo.

Climate camp 2013

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A translation of the page will be online soon..

The Camp will be from 23.08. bis 01.09.2013 .